2020欧洲杯在线网址We've compared your family trees and found at least one Shared Ancestor Hint. This means that you share enough DNA with this person to suggest that you are related and that you both have the same ancestor in your tree. This doesn't guarantee that you both inherited DNA from this particular ancestor. That's where the confidence score comes in.

Information we use to calculate confidence scores

2020欧洲杯在线网址We ask five questions to determine how likely it is that the DNA you share with your DNA match came from a shared ancestor. Note that in the case of an ancestral couple, each spouse's score is calculated individually even though the DNA could be from either individual.

Is the DNA you share because of a recent shared ancestor?

2020欧洲杯在线网址When two people seem to share a lot of DNA, we have quite a bit of evidence that they are related. However, if they share only a small amount of DNA, they could have a very distant shared ancestor or no shared ancestors at all. The confidence in the DNA match reflects whether we think you've both inherited DNA from a recent shared ancestor.

Is the shared ancestor in both trees?

Does your ancestor have the same name as one of the ancestors in your DNA match's tree? The same birthday? Parents? Spouse? If the information in the two trees is very similar, we are more confident that the ancestor is actually the same person.

From Robert Luther : Luther Family Tree

2020欧洲杯在线网址Samuel Colten

B: 1685 in St Jude S Parish, Georgia, USA

D: 25 Dec 1758 in Orange, Orange, Virginia, USA

From Ian Fraser : Fraser Family Tree (4)

Samuel Colten

B: 1685 in Savanna, Georgia, USA

D: 25 Dec 1758 in Richmond, Virginia, USA

How complete is your family tree and that of your DNA match?

In some cases, distant cousins may be related on more than one family line. The more complete a tree is (up to 10 generations), the more sure we are that the DNA relationship between you and your DNA match is due to the shared ancestor and not from an ancestor yet to be discovered on another line.

Tree generations.

How many shared ancestors do you have?

Common ancestor hint.

2020欧洲杯在线网址If you and your DNA match share ancestors on more than one family line, it's hard to identify who contributed your shared DNA. The more lines you share with your match, the lower the confidence score will be for each shared ancestor.

How many generations back is the shared ancestor?

Closer relationships will generally have a higher confidence score. As relationships become more distant, there are more possible ancestors from whom you could have inherited DNA so the confidence score will be lower.

How can you improve your confidence score?

  • Compare the info about the shared ancestor in your tree and your match's tree. If you find new sources or facts, you can add them to your tree.
  • Keep building your family tree. The more you know about the first ten generations of your direct-line ancestors, the more confident we will be that you've inherited DNA from a shared ancestor.
  • Merge duplicate people. If you have an ancestor in your tree twice, you'll have multiple shared ancestors between you and your match, which means a lower confidence score.
  • Test more family members. Even though you might share a small amount of DNA with a cousin, one of your immediate family members may have inherited more of the shared ancestor's DNA and would have a higher confidence score. (Find out why you might want to get more family members tested).